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The best Guide for your trip to our beautiful Island Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean

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Stone over Levada

Levadas & Hikes

Step-by-Step Guides for the most beautiful Levadas & Hikes in Madeira. Detailed maps, discriptions & GPS-Data…

Pond, with fountain and old house

Botanical Gardens

In this category we present you the most famous and most beautiful botanical gardens in Madeira…

Sledge riders from Monte Funchal

Top Attractions

Sliding down the hills with a sledge; Boarding Christoph Columbes ship; or going the center of the world….

About Our Free Guides

We love Madeira! It truly is a hidden pearl in the middle of the atlantic ocean. It is particular famous for its Levadas. A Levada is an old irrigation system to bring large amounts of water from the west and northwest of the island to the drier southeast, which is more conducive to habitation and agriculter. They were also used int he past by women to wash clothes in areas where running water to homes was not available  

The oldest Levadas were built in the sixteenth century and some still work today. The beautiful thing about them is, that you can walk alongside them. This is why this island is so famous for hiking tourism. 

This guide aims to give you the best walks and hikes on our beautiful Island Madeira. 

But we do not only cover Levadas. From botanical Gardens to special attractions like the famous Lava-Caves or the replica of Christoph Colombus flagship “Santa Maria”.

About Us

Hi, my name is Sergio and I arrived on this Island last year and fell in love with it inmeadetly. I started soon to discover the famous Levadas. When I wanted to explore more and more of them I found that it was difficult to find them or not getting lost while walking it. I also didnt like the idea of allways carring printed guide since it was extra weight. SInce I took my mobile phone with me to make pictures or for safty reasons I thought it would be great to have it online with a detailed step by step discription maybe even with picutres. Therefor I decided to start this Madeira-Portugal-Guide. I also want it to be free for everybody. So everybody has the possebility to discover this beautiful island.