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Famous Yurt in Madeira

Madeira Stories

by David J. Whyte

Inspiring stories for travellers visiting the Portuguese island of Madeira and stay in Madeira Rural tourism country houses….

Wonderful Shot of the Mountains in Madeira Island

Route Royal 23

by David J. Whyte

This TV Series follows the steps of David and Sergio as they walk Route Royal 23, around the island of Madeira,…

About Our Free Guides

We love Madeira! It truly is a hidden pearl in the middle of the atlantic ocean. It is particular famous for its Levadas. A Levada is an old irrigation system to bring large amounts of water from the west and northwest of the island to the drier southeast, which is more conducive to habitation and agriculter. They were also used int he past by women to wash clothes in areas where running water to homes was not available  

The oldest Levadas were built in the sixteenth century and some still work today. The beautiful thing about them is, that you can walk alongside them. This is why this island is so famous for hiking tourism. 

This guide aims to give you the best walks and hikes on our beautiful Island Madeira. 

But we do not only cover Levadas. From botanical Gardens to special attractions like the famous Lava-Caves or the replica of Christoph Colombus flagship “Santa Maria”.

About Us

David J. Whyte

David J Whyte has been a proactive member of the media community for 35 years as a travel writer, photographer & lifestyle commentator to leading publications throughout the USA, UK, Europe and Asia.

Born in Scotland to a golfing family, it was inevitable he would get involved in the game and became the Home of Golfs leading authority on all aspects of golf travel as well as visiting each and every golf course in the country on behalf of VisitScotland.

Travel was his other passion and he has combined both to great effect.

As a travel show host, David is the main presenter of the popular inflight entertainment show, Golf Passport and he is now creating a new series presenting the very best of Madeira’s Islands.

Sergio L. Recalde

Covering Madeira’s many outdoor activities, Sergio-Luis Recalde explores the islands’ most famous Levadas with a detailed, step-by-step description allowing everybody to discover this wonderful way to enjoy the island. Sergio also leads us through the islands’ other sports such as scuba diving, canyoning, coasteering, mountain biking, climbing, stand-up paddle etc….

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