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Best Beaches in Madeira – Madeira is not the most famous place for sandy beaches. That said there are some really lovely beaches. Of course, the number one Beach in Madeira is Porto Santo. But that is actually on another island roughly 30km away. It’s an amazing 13km beach that was the result of an ancient coral reef and even has healing powers that a lot of rich people love. But also Madeira has beautiful beaches. Some are natural and some are handmade. In any case here are the best beaches in Madeira.

Madeira Beach pick #1:

Porto Santo Beach - Porto Santo

Madeira Beach Pick #2:

Seixal Beach - Seixal

Madeira Beach Pick #3:

Prainha - Machico

Madeira Beach Pick #4:

Machico Beach - Machico

Madeira Beach Pick #5:

Calheta Beach - Calheta

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