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Instagram Places Madeira – Befor covid nobody really know about Madeira. Most even didn’t know that its an Island. But the heavy lockdowns in Bali and Thailand forced a lot of Influencers and Instagramers to find new places. Madeira saw its chance and targeted that market. After time more and more came and now it’s a must for anybody that seeks to make the perfect nature selfy. And why not? Madeira has it all. Beautiful beaches, blue sea, abundant nature. Old mountain roads. Waterfalls and much more. If you like to take pictures in nature, this island is the place to go. And we made it easy for you. Here are our best places to take Instagram pictures in Madeira.

Madeira Instagram Places #1:

Waterfall on Old Road - Punta do Sol

Madeira Instagram Places #2:

Lava Pools - Porto Moniz

Madeira Instagram Places #3:

Black Beach with green Mountains in the Back - Seixal

Madeira Instagram Places #4:

Painted Doors - Rua da Santa Maria (Funchal)

Madeira Instagram Places #5:

Porto das Salemas Natural Pools - Porto Santo

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