Levada do Rei


A very lovely Levada in the northern part of Madeira awaits you. It is a very easy walk, however you shouldn’t be afraid of hights. If this is not a problem for you, you will be seeing spectacluar veiws on your way.

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facts & Live Weather of Levada do Rei

Sao Jorge, Madeira, Portugal

> Duration: 3 hours
> Length: 5,2 km
> Suitable for people with acrophobia: No, not really.
> Best-Time-To-Walk: Before 10:00 AM – best time to avoid tourist crowds
> Accessible with Public Transport: Yes but only to the closest city
> Secured: Partly secured
> Refreshment stops available: No
> Loop trail: Yes
> Family Friendly: Yes & No

Location of Levada do Rei

Tip:  This map will automatically show you the best route from your current location to the start of the trail.

Highlights of Levada do Rei

Description of the Walk Levada do Rei


We from Madeira-Portugal-Guide are all for safety. That is why we recommend to never walk any of the Levadas alone. Some of them can be dangerous and involve passing high altitude areas. Falling off a steep slope or cliff, can lead to severe injuries or worse. If, for whatever reason, you decide to go alone, let someone know which Levada you will hike and report back to them, once you have safely returned.

All information on this page is made to the best of our knowledge, belief and care. A guarantee for the correctness can not be given, a liability due to the contents is therefore excluded. The use of the information is at your own risk. For accidents, which might be due to our information, is not liable. Mountain hiking, mountaineering and rock climbing are potentially dangerous activities. Each hiker must decide for himself whether the goal he aspires to corresponds to his mountaineering abilities. He has to inform himself before the tour about the current weather conditions and the degree of difficulty of the tour and decide for himself whether this tour meets his abilities. The suggestions on this page do not mean that the destination is easily accessible, unforeseen weather events can make the most harmless way impassable! This applies to every altitude. Meanwhile, the track or parts of this track can be locked.

About Levada do Rei

The wild stream that feeds the Levada do Rei is called “Ribeiro Bonito” which means “Beautiful River”. You will pass beautiful old laural forrests deep into the vally of Ribeiro Bonito.

How to get there

The best way to reach this trail is by car.  Go to the Location section and let Google Maps show you the optimal route from your current position.

Of course, you can also use public transport to reach the Levada. To do so take the bus 103 to Sao Jorge (From Funchal it will take roughly 2 hours). From Sao Jorge its a 15 minutes walk to the start Follow this link to see the official schedule of all public bus lines on Madeira. To head back to Funchal take the bus line 103.

Important to know

This Levada is not so easy to reach but still a very easy walk. If you have a car and the time than you will enjoy the Levada do Rei very much. You might take a small rainjacket with you. There is a passage where you will have to go behind a small waterfall. You will get a bit wet while doing that. 


While following the Levada you will pass some remote areas where you will not be able to access the Internet. I recommend to you, to save this guide as a PDF on your mobile device.  To do that, click on the Printer-Button in the share-section and save this page as a PDF file. This will allow you to access the trail description without the need for a stable Internet connection.

If you like to use the GPS data for this walk please download the GPX or KLM data here.

The Walk


Id you arrive with your car you can park here. Its a fairly new refreshment stop. They make good sandwiches and coffee there. Also they have cute wildlife there. Even two very beautiful peacocks.


After beeing refreshed lets start the Levada. Go to the billboard. You can see interesting facts about the Levada do Rei there.


The sign points the way.


You will pass the water house and go a bit up. 


Soon after you will find the stairs. 


Don’t worry this is the only little hill you have to climb for this walk. 


Once you reach the top you will see the Levada do Rei. From here on just follow the Levada left. 


You will be greated by a rich fauna on your left and on your right.


But you will head into the laural forrest soon after.


You will reach this kind of bridge roughly 30 Minutes into the walk.


When you reach this sign, go left. 


Another bridge will apear 15 minutes later.


You will also have to go through this small tunnel. You will not need a tourch for this one. Its very short. 


After the tunnel you will get to this little water fall. If you have a rain jacket you can but it on.


You are very close to the end of the levada at this point. 


The Levada is very beautiful especialy here.


And there you are. Ribeiro Bonito. The river that feeds the Levada do Rei. Here ends our Levada. Relax and enjoy the place. To get back to your car, follow the Levada back to where you came from :-D.

Detailed map

Tip: This map can also display the elevation of the route. To use this feature press play. Then go to the top right corner, click on menu and select “Hills”. 

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