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Levada do Rei

Levada do Rei is located in the northern part of Madeira. It is an easy walk, however you shouldnt be afraid of hights….

From Pico Arieiro to Pico Ruivo

This Walk is famously called the “King of all Walks” and it truly deserves this name. 10.000 Steps await you. You better be fit for this one….

A view down to the vally to paul the mar.

Looptrail of Maloeira

Looking for a challenge? Then this Levada is for you. Climb your way to the top of the plateau to enjoy a spectacular view….

The Balcony of Ribeiro Frio

Perhaps the shortest and easiest Levada Walk you can do on Madeira, nonetheless with one of the most spectacular views at its beautiful mountains….

From Monte To The Botanical Garden

This walk is an adventure full of variety! You will take an aerial cable car to Monte, visit the coffin of the last Austrian emperor, hike alongside a Levada and enjoy breathtaking views of the…

Lombada da Ponta do Sol

This Levada-walk has it all. Two breathtaking Levadas, an amazing waterfall and one creepy tunnel. This is one of our favorites!…

Levada do Castelejo

A beautiful and easy Levada with an amazing few to the famous Eagle rock. That’s our famous Levada do Castelejo in the north of Madeira…


Peninsula Sao Lourenco

A rough but romantic landscape awaits you in this amazing walk. You will have the sea on both sides and the finish is just fantastic….