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Peninsula Sao Lourenco – A rough but romantic landscape awaits you in this amazing walk. You will have the sea on both sides and the finish is just fantastic.

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facts & Live Weather Peninsula Sao Lourenco

Canical, Madeira, Portugal

> Duration: 3-4 hours
> Length: 8.80 km
> Suitable for people with acrophobia: It might make you problems
> Best-Time-To-Walk: In the Morning
> Accessible with Public Transport: Yes
> Secured: Partly Secured
> Refreshment stops available: Yes
> Loop trail: Yes
> Family Friendly: Yes

Location of Peninsula Sao Lourenco

TIpp: By clicking on the blue arrow next to to the blue star Google will automaticly show you the best way from your current location to the start of this Walk.

Highlights of Peninsula Sao Lourenco

Description of the Walk Peninsula Sao Lourenco

We from Madeira-Portugal-Guide are all for safety. That is why we recommend to never walk any of the Levadas alone. Some of them can be dangerous and involve passing high altitude areas. Falling off a steep slope or cliff, can lead to severe injuries or worse. If, for whatever reason, you decide to go alone, let someone know which Levada you will hike and report back to them, once you have safely returned.

All information on this page is made to the best of our knowledge, belief and care. A guarantee for the correctness can not be given, a liability due to the contents is therefore excluded. The use of the information is at your own risk. For accidents, which might be due to our information, is not liable. Mountain hiking, mountaineering and rock climbing are potentially dangerous activities. Each hiker must decide for himself whether the goal he aspires to corresponds to his mountaineering abilities. He has to inform himself before the tour about the current weather conditions and the degree of difficulty of the tour and decide for himself whether this tour meets his abilities. The suggestions on this page do not mean that the destination is easily accessible, unforeseen weather events can make the most harmless way impassable! This applies to every altitude. Meanwhile, the track or parts of this track can be locked..

History of Peninsula São Lourenço

The eastern part of the island, where this peninsula is located, is vastly different from the rest of Madeira. First of all, plant life is sparse. There are hardly any trees or other vegetation in this region. Second, in stark contrast to the rest of the island, this area is pretty flat. The highest point reaches only 150 meters. As a result clouds hardly ever build up, making rain a rarity. 

Even though this part might not be as lush as the others, the scenery is still fantastic. Nowhere else on the island can you see its volcanic origin. The black and red layers of rock that make up the mountain, create a special atmosphere. You will also get to see vertical layers of black basalt that broke through the stone layer in later eruptions.

Combine this with the shimmering blue ocean that surrounds the peninsula and you will have a sight that you will keep in your memory for time to come.

How to get there

The best way to reach this trail is by car.  Go to the Location section and let Google Maps show you the optimal route from your current position. 

Of course, you can also use public transport to the Peninsula São Lourenço. Follow this link to see the official schedule of all public bus lines on Madeira. The buses stop directly at the beginning of the trail.

Important to know

As mentioned before, the peninsula São Lourenço lies in the eastern part of Madeira. Due to its geographic location the region is well-protected against strong winds. Some days, however, it can still be quite windy. If this is the case, I advise against doing this hike. Winds can come in such high velocities that you could get blown off a cliff. In general, this walk is not the safest one. The majority of the time you are walking on stone. Additionally there is a lot of grit, creating a path that is sometimes slippery (more than once, I landed on my butt :-D). Therefore I recommend that you wear your best hiking shoes. If you should have knee problems, it is better to skip this one. You will go up and down a lot.


During the hike you will come across several spots that are ideal for taking a swim. Don’t forget to bring a towel and swimwear. 

While following the Levada you will pass some remote areas where you will not be able to access the Internet. I recommend to you, to save this guide as a PDF on your mobile device.  To do that, click on the Printer-Button in the share-section and save this page as a PDF file. This will allow you to access the trail description without the need for a stable Internet connection.

The Walk

Even though the starting and end point are the same for this hike, this walk is not a loop trail. Instead you will walk to the end of the island and then backtrack all the way.


The roundabout at the beginning point of Peninsula Sao Lourceno

If you arrive via car, you will find a good parking spot at this roundabout. The earlier you come, the closer you will be able to park near the entrance.

Sign shown the walk of Peninsula Sao Lourceno

The hike starts on the paved path next to the big yellow sign.

Getting on down the path to Peninsula Sao Lourceno

Keep on following the path for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Getting to the first viewpoint of Peninsula Sao Lourceno

By now you should have reached the first cross section. The left path leads to a nice viewpoint. The one on the right leads downwards to a beach where you can go swimming. I recommend heading left first to take some pictures, return and then keep going straight.

A stonestairway built into the lavastone in Peninsula Sao Lourceno

As you can see from the picture below, the path is not always secured. Be cautious and take your time.

Getting to the second viewpoint of Peninsula Sao Lourceno

After another 20 minutes you will come across the second viewpoint. You will have an amazing view of a big rock reaching out of the ocean.

A nice resting point on the hike of Punto Sao Lourceno

Midway through the hike, you will come across a spot that is ideal for a break. Refresh yourself with water or some food, while enjoying the great landscape.

Beautiful landscape of Peninsula Sao Lourceno

The second half of the trail is a bit more challenging than the first. For now, just follow the path.

Sometimes the tarain is very rough at the hike of Peninsula Sao Lourceno

Follow the path upwards. As you can see, some parts have already been secured. Make sure to use the handgrips, as the ground can be quite slippery due to the grit.

Almost no vegitation in Peninsula Sao Lourceno

The good thing about this hike is, is that you can’t get lost :-D. All you need to do is to follow the path.

Getting to the only place where you can buy food at Peninsula Sao Lourceno

Another 20 minutes will have passed once you have reached the hut below. During high season you can buy drinks and/or snacks here. Additionally there is a restroom you can use.

Starting the ascent to the highest part of Peninsula Sao Lourceno

The final part of this hike is pretty steep and by far the hardest of the trip. Only walk it, if you feel like you can make it to the top.

Nowadays the ascent is secured but still very difficult and dangeour at the Peninsula Sao Lourceno

I have tried to capture the steepness with the following picture. Make sure to hold on to the ropes as much as possible.

Almost at the third and most beautiful viewpoint of Peninsula Sao Lourceno

Once you have reached the point below, you will be close to the finish line.

Fantstic view to the eastern part of Madeira in Peninsula Sao Lourceno

Congratulations! You have made it to the end of this path. You must be pretty exhausted by now. Take some time to rest, drink a little bit of water and eat a cookie or two Chances are that the seagulls will want some of your cookies too. Give them one and they will gladly pose for a picture :-D.

Descent to the bar in Peninsula Sao Lourceno

It is hard for me to tell you this, but unfortunately you have to go all the way back to where you came from. Once again be cautious and take your time. When you arrive at the bottom, you can take a break at this house. If you haven’t used up all your energy yet, head left and follow the path.

Wanderful view of the Peninsula Sao Lourceno

You will walk alongside this cliff:

Dangoures but braethtaking way back to the car in Peninsula Sao Lourceno

150 meters in front of you, you will see our next stop. It is another beach that is ideal for swimming in crystal-clear water. During high season you also have the possibility to take a boat ride to the easternmost tip of the island, where a lighthouse is located. Tickets can be bought in advance at the hut that sells resfreshments.

A possible way down to the beach in Peninsula Sao Lourceno
Once you have reached the little bridge, you can either head left to go for a swim or cross the bridge to proceed further.
Sometimes there are no real way on Peninsula Sao Lourceno

Here,  the path is not clearly visible. All you have to do is hike up the mountain.

Another stonestairway built directly into the lavastone of Peninsula Sao Lourceno

You will come across these stairs, which you will have to head up.

Not a lot of vegitation in Peninsula Sao Lourceno

After about 200 to 300 meters you will be back on the path that got you here. Head left and follow the trail all the way back to the starting point of this hike.

The backtracking should take around 45 minutes. Enjoy the trail!

Once you have reached the parking lot, make sure to high five yourself and your friends.

You have completed the hike. Congratulations!

Detailed map of Peninsula Sao Lourenco

Guided Tours

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Peninsula São Lourenço

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Peninsula São Lourenço

€ 36,00 / Person

  • Tour every Thursday
  • Pick up from your Hotel
  • Licencend Tour Guide in Englisch
  • Return to your Hotel
  • Insurance Cover according to Portuguise Laws

*For security reasons our company “Madeira-Portugal-Guide” or your tour guide can cancel or change the booked trips due to unfavorable rental conditions. The excursions can also be canceled if the minimum number of participants is not reached. In the case of sornings ofrm the o.g. As a result, the amount paid will be refunded.

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