Poncha Madeira - The National Drink

Poncha Madeira – The National and traditional Drink of Madeira and typically consists of aguardente de cana-de-açúcar, a Madeiran spirit made from fresh sugar cane juice, bee honey (less commonly molasses or cane sugar) and local lemons in a varying mix ratio of about one-third. The most common once are “Original” and “Pescador”. Both vary a bit in the making. The “Original was commonly drank in the rural and mountain areas of Madeira whereas the “Pescador” was commonly drank by the fisherman (Pescador means fisherman). It used to be only a drink from Madeira but the Mainland Portugal starts to pick up the trend as well. You can also find this drink more often in fancy bars, there are also lots of new varieties like “Menta”, “Tomate Inglesa” or “Pitanga”. Surely they are all delicious, but don’t forget. One Poncha is good, two Ponchas is okay, three Ponchas is two too many 😀 – So here are our 5 best places to drink the famous Drink in Madeira.

Top Madeira Poncha Pick #1:

Snack-Bar O Girinho

Top Madeira Poncha Pick #3:

Restaurante Beer Garden

Top Madeira Poncha Pick #5:

Mercearia da Poncha

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