Quinta Magnolia - Jardim of Funchal


Quinta Magnolia, a public garden that has everything! It’s close to the center of Funchal. You wouldn’t really know that it is an actual garden. So well this beautiful Jardim blends into the landscape. But don’t be fooled. It is way bigger than it appears. It even goes down almost to the Atlantic ocean. It is used by all kinds of nature lovers. Running, Squash, Tennis, Padel, Yoga, Walking. You name it it’s there and the best thing is – ITS FOR FREE – yes, not entrance fee at all. Maybe that’s also the reason why so many families and couples have picnics there all year round. Visitors are also allowed and even encouraged to have small parties like “Baby-Reveal-Parties”, “Anniversaries” or “Baby-Showers” there. Did we mention that there is also a contemporary arts museum? And that it is also for free? No? Well now you do know 😀 So all in all, it is a very lovely garden right in Funchal and definitely worth a visit. You will not regret it. 

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Monte, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal


Location of Quinta Magnolia

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Highlights of Quinta Magnolia

Description of Quinta Magnolia


This Quinta, originally part of the ‘British Country Club’, was expropriated by the Government in 1980. It went through a bit of a rough time but quickly pulled itself together and became the garden it is today. It is located at Rua Dr. Pita, which is the road going uphill opposite Reid’s Gardens on the Estrada Monumental.

How to get there

Ther easest way to get there is with a cap. It is very close to the main road, called “Estrada Monumental”. You could also get a cap right to the entrance of the park. It has also parking spots if you decide to go with your own rental car. But spots are limited to only a few cars. Better to walk right up there.

Important to know

The garden is free of charge and lots of Madeireans use it for picknicks and laisure time. Be respectful to others. There is also a cultural Museum in the garden. It is also free of charge and definitely wearth a visit. 

Detailed map


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