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Scabbard Fish Madeira – The black scabbardfish is of economic importance to fisheries associated with countries of the Iberian Peninsula, and especially the Madeira Islands, where they are prized for food. The species is also fished around Iceland, France, Ireland, and some areas of the Canary Islands. Because of its good flesh quality, it usually fetches high prices.

It’s a deep-sea fish living at around 1000 Meters below sea level. It is caught at night with very long fishing ropes. Strong light is used to attract the fish to the surface. Their meat is very soft and tasty and is normally served with banana and passion fruit sauce. Granted, the fish doesn’t look very attractive because of its big eyes and sharp teeth, but as mentioned before it tastes delicious. 

So here are our top 5 restaurants where you can try this delicious fish.

Madeira Scabbard Fish Pick #2:

Beira Calhau

Madeira Scabbard Fish Pick #3:

Restaurante Cashalote

Madeira Scabbard Fish Pick #4:

Almirante Restaurante

Madeira Scabbard Fish Pick #5:

Restaurante Vila do Peixe

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