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Vereda do Larano is one of the oldest walks of Madeira because it was the shortest trade route between Machico and Porto da Cruz for centuries. It used to be a very dangerous path back in time, but it was improved over time and nowadays it’s a hidden diamond for hiking lovers. It’s quite easy to immerse oneself in the uniquely diverse landscape. The hike is located on the edge of the precipice, very close to the sea, and offers magnificent views over Ponta de São Lourenço, Porto da Cruz and the Penha D’Aguia rock. We are 100% sure that you will looooovvvveee this walk!

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Facts & Live Weather of Vereda do Larano

Canical, Madeira, Portugal


Location Of Vereda do Larano

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Highlights Of Vereda do Larano

Description of the Walk Vereda do Larano

We from Madeira-Portugal-Guide are all for safety. That is why we recommend never walking any of the Levadas alone. Some of them can be dangerous and involve passing high-altitude areas. Falling off a steep slope or cliff can lead to severe injuries or worse. If, for whatever reason, you decide to go alone, let someone know which Levada you will hike and report back to them, once you have safely returned.

All information on this page is made to the best of our knowledge, belief, and care. A guarantee for the correctness can not be given, a liability due to the contents is therefore excluded. The use of the information is at your own risk. For accidents, which might be due to our information, is not liable. Mountain hiking, mountaineering, and rock climbing are potentially dangerous activities. Each hiker must decide for himself whether the goal he aspires to corresponds to his mountaineering abilities. He has to inform himself before the tour about the current weather conditions and the degree of difficulty of the tour and decide for himself whether this tour meets his abilities. The suggestions on this page do not mean that the destination is easily accessible, unforeseen weather events can make the most harmless way impassable! This applies to every altitude. Meanwhile, the track or parts of this track can be locked.


About Vereda Do Larano

Vereda Do Larano

This ancient walk connects Machico with Porto da Cruz via an old footpath that was once used by locals to move from one place to another and exchange business. There used to be a very narrow path which was very dangerous to pass. It doesn’t exist anymore, but many souls lost their lives there. The route is quite narrow and vertiginous, as it is slippery in the weather months. Therefore, this route is recommended for people who are used to hiking and not afraid of heights.

Also on the way to Porto da Cruz, you will see one of Madeira’s most famous rock formations called Penha D’Aguia. Prepare your camera, you will surely want to immortalize these wonderful moments in a photo.

How to get there

As with many Hikes here on Madeira, there are some difficulties. It’s not a loop trail and also it’s not so easy to get to the starting point that easy. Therefore this guide explains the way we from MPG are doing this hike. We drive in one car to Canical (See location) From there we use a taxi that brings us to the other side of the Hike. From there we basically walk back to the car. We always use the same Cap-Driver. It costs € 65,00. The price is per cap and can hold up to 4 people. So it’s a good deal. If you are interested in his service, click on the Voucher below. You can buy it here for €10,00 and you pay the rest (€55,00) when you meet him at the starting point in Canical. After you bought the Voucher you will get his Telefon number and detailed instructions. 

Important to know

This walk is not the easiest on our website. You also should not have fear of heights. It is very important that you do this walk when there are good weather conditions. It can be quite windy there. So it’s better to walk in spring and summer. The next “problem” is that is a one-way walk. We always use a cap to help us out, but of course, feel free to do it your way. 

Also take enough water and snacks with you, especially when you walk in the summer. You will need it for this walk.


While following the Levada you will pass some remote areas where you will not be able to access the internet. I recommend you, save this guide as a PDF on your mobile device.  To do that, click on the Printer-Button in the share section and save this page as a PDF file. This will allow you to access the trail description without the need for a stable internet connection.

The Walk

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Waypoint 01

After coming with your own car you can park on any side of the road. This is where the tour usualy starts. If you choose our Capdriver, he will pick you up from here....

Waypoint 02

If you follow our guide you took a cap from Canical exactly to this spot. Here the actual hike starts. Just follow the big road heading into the mountains....

Waypoint 03

After about 5 to 10 Minutes you will arrive at an old cable car. They used to carry heavy equipment with this machine. It still is usuable....

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Detailed map Vereda Do Larano

Tip: This map can also display the elevation of the route. To use this feature press play. Then go to the top right corner, click on menu and select “Hills”.

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